Air Condition Systems:

The Flexible alternative to conventional cooling is SPACE PAK.

Crawford – Vogel & Wenzel are authorized dealers for your central air condition systems.

Space Pak is a unique and versatile solution to your air conditioning needs.
Suitable for residential and commercial properties, Space Pak is the flexible
choice for central air.

Space Pak is ideal for:

  • Older homes, historical landmarks, and townhouses heated with hot water, steam, or radiant electric heat
  • Newly constructed homes and condos warmed by radiant floor heating
  • Commercial units with multiple zone requirements

SpacePak Web Site

SpacePak Brochure – Requires Acrobat Reader get it below.

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If the oil burner fails to operate:

Perform below steps and if burner still fails to operate – call (603.625.8589) for service.

  1. Be sure that the oil burner switch is on.
  2. Thermostat should be set above room temperature
  3. Make sure that there is oil in the tank.
  4. Press Re-Set button on relay once only!
  5. Check to see if flame comes on.
  6. If burner does not run at all, check for blown or lose fuse, or low water on steam systems.

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What is Radiant Heat:

The warmth and comfort we feel from the sun on a cool spring day or in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night is radiant heat. Radiant floor heating uses a very subtle form of this same radiant energy. Radiant heat gently and evenly warms the surfaces of objects in the room. The air in the room is warmed when it comes into contact with the warmed objects, the largest of which is the floor. Heat loss is reduced and the radiant heat remains in the lower part of the room warmer near feet level and slightly less so at head level creating the perfect climate for comfort.

Wirsbo Web Site

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Why Use Our Services:

Prompt, Reliable Oil Delivery:
Our trucks are on the road daily direct from our downtown storage tanks to assure our customers fast and efficient delivery. Our computer monitored automatic delivery systems, based on “degree days” assure that clients will never be caught short. We buy only the best quality oil to provide clean burning and maximum efficiency.

Family Owned and Operated

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